• Chelsea Roadman - A Self-Branding Resume Brochure


As a branding consultant, I'm always encouraging my clients to turn each project they complete for their businesses into a branding component. In other words, none of the energy you put into your business will be wasted. Instead, it will multiply as you continue to create pieces that "get the job done" as well as further establishing and enhancing your brand! I call it "ever-branding" because you'll forever reap the rewards of a job well-branded!

This brochure is an example of "ever-branding." Nearly every professional has a white resume neatly typed in their desk to dig up one day when they seek new employment. But, what if I told you that you are NOT an employee - YOU ARE A BRAND! So treat yourself like one! This resume brochure gives life to that boring, white resume and illustrates the skill I claim to possess. If you have any questions, or would like to get started creating your YOU brand, contact me here. Let's make you an "ever-brander!"