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Survey Research

Client: Auburn University's Eagle Eye TV

Executive Summary:

“A Study on Auburn University’s Eagle Eye TV” was created at the request of Dafni Greene, student media advisor. The purpose of the study was to collect survey research to enhance Eagle Eye TV’s understanding of its viewership in an effort to better serve them. While the most common response to the study reported awareness of Eagle Eye TV, evidence found within survey results suggest that the majority of those individuals are either only viewing its programming on a special event basis or have never seen the channel at all.

Tailoring its promotional items and addressing topics of specific interest within production content based on the study’s findings will help raise awareness of Eagle Eye TV’s programming in an effort to increase viewership. We have concluded from the results of this study that the station could accomplish this, while also increasing interest and involvement, by implementing the following suggestions:

  1. External Efforts: Considering that the majority of survey participants have heard of Eagle Eye TV, but have never viewed its channel, we suggest a revised marketing tactic. A better promotion strategy would reflect the interests and demographic information of its primary audience.
  2. Internal Efforts: We received an overwhelming response from participants linking their lack of investment in Eagle Eye TV with a dissatisfaction as to the channel’s content. Based on the most prevalent requests and critiques, we suggest that Eagle Eye TV evaluate its current content compared to the main topics of interest reported by our respondents and restructure its programming. By investing in its viewership, Eagle Eye TV will be more likely to receive their investment in return.

On the basis of these findings, it is recommended that following the external and internal tactics suggested will allow for Eagle Eye TV to find more success in improving its relationship with the Auburn Family.

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